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Orange Flowers

Pearl Cleage’s Unique Perspective on Writers Block

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Pearl Cleage, widely recognized author of both fiction and nonfiction, has a unique perspective on writers block...
Water Lilly

Why Does Joan Didion Write?

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Why write? Joan Didion identifies her reason for writing everything she writes...

Kenneth Atchity Describes Why Writing Is a Craft

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Kenneth Atchity describes writing as a craft and why writers must used self-imposed discipline...
Life Adventure

How Does Annie Dillard Describe Freedom as a Writer

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Annie Dillard says this about freedom as a writer to live a writing life...
Book Writing Secret

Do You Need to Keep Your Book Writing Secret?

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Do you want to know a book writing secret? This simple strategy can make the difference between talking about writing a book and actually writing one.
How Can You Become an Author

How to Become a Book Author

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
How do you become a book author? What if one word can make the difference between thinking about writing a book and actually writing one...
Book Writing Guide to Make It Simple

Guide to Make Book Writing Simple

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Do you need a guide to make book writing simple...
pumpkins and lavender

Resources to Encourage and Guide Your Writing

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
If you have always wanted to write, but don’t know where to begin or what to do, the internet provides a huge range of resources. Here are a just a few to help you focus on what kind of writing you want to do, and to help you get started.
Writing & Writers

Perspectives on Writing and Writers

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Perspectives on Writing & Writers focuses on the relationship between writing and writer. Writing is not just for professional writers who intend to publish their writing. The act of writing is the astonishing human ability to capture language and write it down.