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Writer's Intentions

Sol Stein’s Claim about a Writer’s Intentions

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Sol Stein makes this statement about why many writers have inappropriate intentions for writing...

How William Stafford Defines the Essential Characteristics of a Writer

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Why does William Stafford define the essential characteristics of writers as relations with language...
Oranges and Lemons

What Ray Bradbury Claimed about Writing with Zest

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
What Ray Bradbury claimed about writing with zest...
lighthouse sunset

Hal Zina Bennett Identifies the Source of Writing Success

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
How is the writer's connection with the reader the source writing success...
Water Lilly

Why Does Joan Didion Write?

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Why write? Joan Didion identifies her reason for writing everything she writes...
Life Adventure

How Does Annie Dillard Describe Freedom as a Writer

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Annie Dillard says this about freedom as a writer to live a writing life...