Creations & Problems

Perspectives on Creations & Problems

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson

Love is what creating is about.
Robert Fritz

What Are Creations and Problems?

Perspectives on Creations & Problems focuses on the essential difference in perspective between problems and creations.

What is a problem? By definition, a problem is something that you consider unwelcome or harmful. You don’t want it in your life and so you try to fix it, solve it, or get rid of it.

What is a creation? By definition, a creation is an action or process that brings something into existence that does not currently exist. In contrast to getting rid of a problem you don’t want in your life, you create something because you do want it in your life.

What’s the Problem?

You will always have problems to solve in your life because life is full of problems. Consider how much of your time, energy, and effort you spend trying to get rid of what you don't love in contrast to creating what you love. 

Most of us have been taught that "work comes before play." As a child, you might have heard that “you must get your work done before you can play." If you got your chores done, you were allowed to play,

What happened to playtime when you grew up? Maybe you do set aside time for play and having fun. Or maybe not.

Many adults these days are so busy doing what they “have to do” that they don’t have time to play. Life without play becomes a rat race. No matter how hard you work, you never seem to be able to get everything done that you have to do.

Consider the life problem identified by this old proverb:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

The idea behind the proverb is that people who work all the time without having time to play become bored and boring. They also become exhausted, frustrated, and unhappy.

The Life-Changing Question

Can you imagine how your life could change if you choose to live your life from the primary perspective of a creator rather than the perspective of a problem-solver?

You will always have work to do and you will always have problems to solve. This much is inevitable. What’s isn't inevitable is your perspective. You can always change your life by changing your perspective on what comes first in your life.

You can choose to become the creator of what you love. You create it not because you have to but because you choose to. You create it because you choose to love your creation into existence.

The life-changing question is: How can you become the creator of what you love?

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