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Critical Thinking

Perspectives on Critical Thinking

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Perspectives on Critical Thinking focuses on how analytical thinking about what you believe can change your perspective on that topic.
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Leonardo da Vinci Quote on Perceptions

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Leonardo da Vinci claimed this about knowledge and perceptions.
Mark Twain 1905 owned by the Mark Twain Library in Redding CT

Mark Twain Quote on Religion and Politics

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Mark Twain described beliefs in religion and politics this way...
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Walter Lippmann Quote on Distortion of Truth

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Walter Lippmann describes how truth becomes distortion of truth...
Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt’s Claim about Collective Guilt

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Political philosopher Hannah Arendt made this claim about confessions of collective guilt...
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How Does the Quality of Your Life Relate to Critical Thinking Skills?

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
What is critical thinking and how does it relate to life quality thinking skills...
Live Life to the Fullest

Critical Thinking about Past and Present

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Why is critical thinking about your past and your present the key to truly living your life...
The Thinker by Rodin

How Critical Thinking Can Make You Happier

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
How does critical thinking make you happier? Find out how your thinking affects your life...
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Anthony Robbins Quote on Success or Failure

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Anthony Robbins identifies the significant choice that makes the difference between success or failure in life...