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Why Vincent M. Roazzi Claims that Success Is Happiness

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson

What Is Success?

Success is happiness.
In its most diluted form,
success is our desire to realize peace in our lives.
It’s the feeling of security,
the ability to withstand the future unknown,
which allows us to live today with a smile.
The pursuit of happiness is the basic drive
that motivates us to achieve success.

Vincent M. Roazzi
Why does Vincent M. Roazzi identifiy success as happiness?
Vincent Roazzi Quote Success is Happiness

 About the Author

For the past dozen years Vincent Roazzi has served as the Executive Vice President for Cornerstone, training thousands of sales people while the company underwent great expansion and growth.

Roazzi was honored in 1999 by the National Association of Business Leaders with the "Small Business Leader of the Year" award for "your support and mentoring service to American small business."

The biggest lesson he teaches comes from his own life experience, and from the heart. He almost didn't survive the perils he placed himself in but now he's here to demonstrate by example what it means to truly be successful.

Roazzi has always lived a challenging life. He could have been a victim of growing up in a rough Brooklyn neighborhood. As a car-stealing gang member, he could have been shot by the police or rival gang members - or been arrested. He survived that.

As an adult, he underachieved at Brooklyn College and landed a job in accounting for five years. He went on to help a series of family-owned businesses and then launched his own. Almost twenty years ago he had annual gross revenue in excess of a million dollars. At the time, he thought he had accomplished what he set out to do. But he felt empty. He had made money but something was seriously lacking in his life. That's when his troubles began...(Read More)

Reader Comments

By Jazzi White
This book was written especially for people on their way to their destiny....this is my go to on my success journey. Written is a no nonsense type of way. You either get it or you don't. I will be reading this book until it permeates my spirit! Thanks, Mr. Roazzi for listening to that small voice inside of you to write this book for me!
By D. M. Alvarez
One year ago, in Feb 2006, I took a big step on my journey. Sometime before that, I had already begun to understand that in order for my life to change, it would have to begin with my taking responsibility... for EVERYTHING in my life.
Read his'll be glad you did. And while you're reading it, remember this: He didn't become rich telling people how to do what he has never done, which seems to be an easy way to fame and fortune for a lot of people. Vinny scraped bottom at a time when he had a wife and five children to support at home. He learned a formula for success, and has been teaching others that same formula for over 15 years. But you will also learn from his book that although people want change... ironically, they don't want to change.
By William G. Brittov
I'm very selective about what I read and not easily impressed. When I heard Vinny on NPR I knew I had to buy this book. I have recommended it numerous times already as one of the most important and helpful books I have ever read. This book shows how to be a successful person - not just businessman. It's principles are simple and timeless - and what is particularly great - really gleaned from what the author learned in recovery (a 12-step program). A reviewer said it was a good book, but without much practical help. That couldn't be further from the truth. This book was worth a $1000. seminar. It guided me and motivated me, and truly saved me when everything in my life was changing - including work. Thank you Vinny! You're da man!
By Rob Nickel
I have read many personal development books on the subject of Success and this one sums it all up for you. Vinny is an excellent author who has taken the time to make this book an enjoyable read. The chapters are short and too the point and he gets the message home. So far this book has changed my life for the better. Reading it gave me the courage to make some drastic changes in my life and I am forever indebted to him.

About The Spirituality of Success

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Editorial Review from Publishers Weekly

What are your thoughts about success and happiness? Please leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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