Self-Help books encourage you to change your life by using your own efforts to solve personal problems and achieve your own goals [...]

Stress Relief That Works

Stress Relief That Works: How to Think Your Way from Stressed-Out to Peaceful can show you how to free yourself from a painful past, live in a fast-paced world of constant change, and create a peaceful life. You can change your life from stressed-out to peaceful by how and what you think about stress and stressors [... ]

Heroic Stories to Change Your Life Series

Heroic Stories to Change Your Life Series uses heroic stories as models to change focus from fixing what is wrong with you to discovering what is right with you. What is right with you is that you already have far more potential within you than you realize [...]

How to Get Out of the True Self Trap

What if the whole idea of having your True Self hidden away by your False Self is a trap that keeps you from living the life you desire to live?

How to Get Out of the True Self Trap: The Life Changing Secrets of Heroic Stories is a series of essays about how heroic stories can offer a liberating perspective on creating the life you choose […]

Does the Bible Really Say That? Series

Does the Bible Really Say That? Series books focus on the blind spot in claims about “what the Bible says.” Unless you can read the Bible in its original languages, you are reading translations of ancient documents. The result is that original meanings get lost in translation. What “the Bible says” in its original languages is not always what translations claim that “the Bible says” on any particular topic [...]

Your True Self Identity

It's hard to escape familiar claims about “what the Bible says” about your self identity based on isolated Bible verses. Such claims are commonplace in our culture.
Your True Self Identity shows how Bible translations of familiar Bible verses in the Gospel of Matthew distort what the Bible says about your true identity [...]

Gospel of Wealth or Poverty? Income Inequality in the New Testament

Income inequality is a dominant theme in New Testament Bible verses. The Gospel of Wealth or Poverty? How Do Bible Verses about Jesus, Wealth, Poverty, and Heaven Affect Your Income? connects your financial status and your biblical beliefs. The question mark in the title challenges an either/or choice between wealth or poverty based on Bible verses [...]

Writing Books

Writing Books focuses on the essential difference between private and public writing. Private writing refers to what is personal, such as keeping a journal or writing a letter to a friend. In contrast, public writing — publication of your writing — refers to your efforts to write for people you don't know personally. Understanding this difference is essential for writing and publishing successful books [...]

Book Writing Made Simple Series

The Book Writing Made Simple Series is intended for people who want to develop their book writing skills. Each volume in the series is organized around a single question. Each question is simple, clear, and easy to understand. These questions will show you how to clarify your book writing process and avoid the most common obstacles that prevent people from writing and finishing their books.
These books give you clear directions about where to start your book writing process, how to write your book, and how to finish it [...]

How To Start Writing A Book: Plan Your Book Writing Journey

Volume 1 shows you the difference between a topic and a thesis and why this difference is so important for your book writing success [...]

Why Write A Book? How To Overcome Your Greatest Book Writing Problem

Volume 2 focuses on the most important question of all. What is your purpose for writing a book? ...]

Who Are You Writing For? Identify Your Ideal Book Audience

Volume 3 explains why the clearer you can be about who would want to read your book, and why that person would want to read it, the simpler your book writing will be [...]

Book Writing Made Simple 3-in-1: How to Write a Book the Simple Way

Book Writing Made Simple 3-in-1 includes the rearranged and lightly revised content of the three small books originally published separately in the Book Writing Made Simple Series. It also includes previously unpublished material, in addition to a new introduction and conclusion [...]

On Writing Words: A Writer’s Essential Relations With Words

Do you want to know the secret of writing well? The secret hidden in plan sight is the relationship between you as a writer and the words you use.
On Writing Words: A Writer’s Essential Relations with Words is not about writing technique. Rather it's about choosing the right words [...]

Writers Block and Your True Self: How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Do you experience writers block? How can you figure out what is blocking you and move beyond the block? The answer is as simple as asking four questions and changing one word that you say about yourself.
Find out how in Writers Block and Your True Self: 4 Questions to Banish Writer’s Block Permanently

Kindle Only Books

Sometimes the most life-changing ideas are the simplest ones. Discover how small changes in perspective can make big changes in your life.

The Hidden Reason Why You Are Stuck

The Hidden Reason Why You Are Stuck: A True Story about the Difference between Success and Failure tells a story about being stuck and unable to solve a problem. It also reveals how the problem was easily solved [...]

Is Positive Thinking Enough to Change Your Life?

Does Positive Thinking Work? When Positive Affirmations Aren't Enough to Change Your Life is about the missing element in claims about positive thinking and the power of positive affirmations to change your life [...]