Positive Perspectives Series on Awe

Have you ever been somewhere, seen, or heard something that made you stop in your tracks? Have you tasted or smelled something so wonderful that was so astonishing that you couldn’t move forward? If you remember these times, were they were so stunning that you couldn’t forget them?

When you were there in those moments, you were enjoying the wonderful experience of awe. How have you thought about that awe experience? What is awe anyway? If you look up definitions, you can come across many words to explain that experience. Some of these definitions are very negative and not helpful to explain what you felt on that astonishing and wonderful experience of awe.

Also, many internet marketers talk about their products, courses and seminars as awesome. This isn’t helpful either, because it cheapens your awe experiences and doesn’t even come close to those awe-filled moments you still remember.

Positive Perspectives on Awe

In Positive Perspectives on Awe Kalinda Rose Stevenson takes you through the journey of what it is to experience awe in a new way, a “positive perspective of awe” way. Kalinda’s perspective on awe refers to the meanings of awe without any positive or negative theological references to God. Rather, the focus is on how you think and feel about your own perspectives on your own life.

Each article in the Positive Perspectives Series is about creating positive perspectives of awe from some of the synonyms or related words of awe. The purpose of these articles is to lead you to fuller understandings of positive perspectives on awe that will show you how having a positive perspective on awe can still astonish and bring joy to your life.