Do you feel stressed-out much of the time? If you do, you're not alone. Feeling stressed-out has become the dominant way of life for many of us. It's essential to make a clear distinction between traumatic stress caused by terrifying circumstances, with life-changing impact and chronic stress caused by the responsibilities and problems of daily life. Chronic stress produces stressed-out lives. This book focuses on chronic stress. The good news is that you can change stressed-out to peaceful by how you think.


You'll find various methods for relieving chronic stress. Many stress relief methods treat stress as a condition you "manage" or "relieve" or "reduce" by methods such as meditation or relaxation or deep breathing or exercise to tame the unwelcome bully in your life called "stress." Although these treatment methods are valuable and worth making part of your life, they don't address the primary cause of chronic stress.
Stress Relief That Works begins with a significant insight: stress is a reaction to a stressor. Although you don't cause stressors, you create your stressed-out state of mind. You can't find a Stressed-Out Off Switch outside yourself, but you can create your own Stressed-Out Off Switch with your thoughts and words.


The opposite of stressed-out is peaceful. Rather than harried and hurried, you feel calm and serene. The essential difference between stressed-out and peaceful is not a matter of doing, it's a matter of thinking. Both stressed-out and peaceful are states of mind. How you think about stress in your life makes the difference between stressed-out and peaceful.

Stress Relief That Works can show you how to free yourself from a painful past, live in a fast-paced world of constant change, and create a peaceful life. You can change your life from stressed-out to peaceful by how and what you think about stress and stressors in your life.

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