Book Writing Made Simple Series

The Book Writing Made Simple Series is intended for people who want to develop their book writing skills. Each volume in the series is organized around a single question. Each question is simple, clear, and easy to understand. These questions will show you how to clarify your book writing process and avoid the most common obstacles that prevent people from writing and finishing their books.
These books give you clear directions about where to start your book writing process, how to write your book, and how to finish it [...]

How To Start Writing A Book: Plan Your Book Writing Journey

Volume 1 shows you the difference between a topic and a thesis and why this difference is so important for your book writing success [...]

Why Write A Book? How To Overcome Your Greatest Book Writing Problem

Volume 2 focuses on the most important question of all. What is your purpose for writing a book? ...]

Who Are You Writing For? Identify Your Ideal Book Audience

Volume 3 explains why the clearer you can be about who would want to read your book, and why that person would want to read it, the simpler your book writing will be [...]

Book Writing Made Simple 3-in-1: How to Write a Book the Simple Way

Book Writing Made Simple 3-in-1 includes the rearranged and lightly revised content of the three small books originally published separately in the Book Writing Made Simple Series. It also includes previously unpublished material, in addition to a new introduction and conclusion [...]

On Writing Words: A Writer’s Essential Relations With Words

Do you want to know the secret of writing well? The secret hidden in plan sight is the relationship between you as a writer and the words you use.
On Writing Words: A Writer’s Essential Relations with Words is not about writing technique. Rather it's about choosing the right words [...]

Writers Block and Your True Self: How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Do you experience writers block? How can you figure out what is blocking you and move beyond the block? The answer is as simple as asking four questions and changing one word that you say about yourself.
Find out how in Writers Block and Your True Self: 4 Questions to Banish Writer’s Block Permanently