How To Start Writing A Book: Plan Your Book Writing Journey

Volume 1 shows you the difference between a topic and a thesis and why this difference is so important for your book writing success [...]

Why Write A Book? How To Overcome Your Greatest Book Writing Problem

Volume 2 focuses on the most important question of all. What is your purpose for writing a book? ...]

Who Are You Writing For? Identify Your Ideal Book Audience

Volume 3 explains why the clearer you can be about who would want to read your book, and why that person would want to read it, the simpler your book writing will be [...]

Book Writing Made Simple 3-in-1: How to Write a Book the Simple Way

Book Writing Made Simple 3-in-1 includes the rearranged and lightly revised content of the three small books originally published separately in the Book Writing Made Simple Series. It also includes previously unpublished material, in addition to a new introduction and conclusion [...]