Who Are You Writing For? Identify Your Ideal Book Audience

Who are you writing for?

Have you thought about who is going to read your book? It's an important question.

It's so easy to get caught up in writing the book itself that you can forget that your real objective is have someone buy your book and read it.

Who Are You Writing For? Can You Describe Your Ideal Book Audience?

When you imagine someone reading your book, who is that person?
  • Do you imagine anyone at all, or is your reader simply an abstract notion?
  • Do you conjure up images of a harsh critic? Do you imagine someone waiting to pounce on your mistakes, to tear your argument into shreds, a bully who tells you that your writing is not worth reading?
  • Do you imagine writing for a person who truly wants to hear what you have to say? Do you imagine a reader who asks you questions and waits eagerly for your reply, a person who respects you, cares about you, and trusts you?
Given a choice, wouldn't you rather have a reader who is eager to read your book than someone who wants to tear it apart?

You, Your Book, And Your Reader

When you write a book for publication, you are creating a potential relationship between you and your reader by means of a book.

As the writer of your book, it is up to you to think carefully about each element of this relationship:

  • What you want
  • What your reader wants
  • How your book will give both you and your reader what you want

Book Writing Made Simple Series is composed of three separate volumes to separate out each component of this relationship. If you pay particular attention to each component by itself, you will have great clarity about your book writing process.

Book Writing Made Simple (Volume 3) Do You Know What Your Reader Really Wants?, pays particular attention to identifying your ideal reader.

It requires you to be clear about the person you want to read your book. This is the person you are writing for.

Why Focus On Your Book Audience?

Why is it so important to focus on your book audience?

The first reason concerns your reader. It forces you to admit that no book is for "everyone."

As much as you might want "everyone" to love your book, no book on Earth will appeal to every type of book reader. This means that it is worth your time and effort to figure out your ideal book audience.

If you can figure out who would be interested in your book, you can write a book that will appeal to that reader.

The second reason concerns you. You have much to gain by writing a book that some potential readers are eager to read.

This well-known statement by Zig Ziglar says it best.

You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.

Benefits Of Knowing Who Are You Writing For

The clearer you can be about who you are writing for, and why that person would want to read it, the simpler your book writing will be...


the more likely your ideal book audience will buy and read your book.

This means that clarity of focus on who are you writing for will help you accomplish your own purpose for your book.

What Do You Get?

Book Writing Made Simple (Volume 3) Do You Know What Your Reader Really Wants includes these chapters:

How To Start Writing A Book At The Very Beginning

  • "Who Is Your Imaginary Reader?"—How an imaginary reader can transform your writing process.
  • "What Does Your Ideal Reader Want?"—What motivates people to want what they want?
  • "What Do You Want To Do For Your Reader?"—Are you considering your reader's best interest when you write your book?
  • "Is Love Pragmatic?"—Is it practical to write a book as an act of love?
  • "Does Your Book Manifest Love?"—Does love apply to every type of book?
  • "Do You Need A Higher Perspective?"—How a small change in perspective can make a big change in your book.

The Bottom Line Benefit Of Thinking About What You Can Do For Your Reader

If you are writing a book, you want to get something out of it. You might be looking for profit. You might be looking for prestige. You might be looking for more clients. You might be looking for something else.

Whatever your own reason for writing a book, you'll get more of what you want out of your book if you find out how to write a book that will give your reader what your reader wants.

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For Your Book Writing Made Simple Success,


Kalinda Rose Stevenson, Ph.D.

P.S. Get more of what you want out of your book by giving your ideal book audience more of what they want.

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