Writers Block And Your True Self: How To Overcome Writer's Block

Are you experiencing writers block?

What happens when you sit down to write a book and can't do it? Do you feel confused, frustrated, stuck? Is there something that prevents you from starting or completing your book writing project? Is this writer's block?

Does Writers Block Really Exist?

Some people claim that writer's block doesn't exist. Their argument is that if you aren't writing, you aren't a writer, and so you can't possibly be experiencing "writer's block" Their solution to "writer's block" is to write. All you have to do is "just do it."

So, you push yourself harder and tell yourself that you are going to "just do it." But the more you push yourself, the more you resist writing.

I don't know about you, but I have never been helped by the idea that writer's block doesn't exist. I have often felt frustrated and confused in my writing. I have started writing books I didn't finish. Maybe you've had the same experience. Too many people who want to write books go through these frustrating feelings to claim that "writer's block" doesn't exist.

Is Calling It "Writers Block" Part Of The Problem?

Maybe part of the problem is the term itself. A block is some kind of obstacle to your progress. It is a barrier that prevents you from moving forward. It is an obstacle that stands between you and your completed book

writers block

The language of writer's block indicates that there is some obstacle outside of you. That means you have to push your way through the obstacle, or find a way around it.

But what if the name itself is the problem?

In reality, what is called "writer's block" is your own resistance to writing. This resistance is something that comes from within you. It is not an obstacle outside of you.

You might think that this nitpicking over words. As a writer, I believe profoundly that words matter, and that the right words can make all the difference.

The Resistance Of Your True Self

In the case of "writer's block," the problem is not some external block, but an inner resistance. What is called "writer's block" is actually the resistance of your true self to your book writing efforts.

You can resist writing for many reasons. The critical insight is to see that "writer's block" is your own inner resistance to your efforts to write.

Why does this distinction help you solve your writing problem?

As with so many authentic solutions to problems, it matters because it makes clear that the solution to your writing problems is not outside of you. It comes from being aware of your true self.

Your Choices When You Experience Writer's Block

You have choices when it comes to feeling blocked in your writing.

You can agree with those who claim that writer's block doesn't exist. All you have to do is just do it.

So, you resolve to push yourself harder. You tell yourself that you are going to "Just Do It!" And every time you sit down and resolve to make yourself write, it's worse than it was the last time. Then you can blame yourself. You can call yourself names. "Stupid." "Lazy." You tell yourself that there is something wrong with you.

Sooner or later, between calling yourself names and the failed efforts to push yourself past your "writer's block," you just give up. You tell yourself that you don't have what it takes to be a writer.

Your True Self Solution To Overcome Writers Block

If you really do want to write, but you feel blocked, you need a better solution than trying to push yourself to write. You need a solution that is simple, self-affirming, and gets to the heart of the matter easily and quickly. Best of all, this solution is simple and it really works.

Writer's Block And Your True Self: 4 Questions To Banish Writer's Block provides a simple solution to what is called "writer's block."

The secret to overcoming your resistance to writing is to figure out why your true self is resisting your book writing effort.

The solution is to ask yourself four simple questions and to answer them honestly, willing to discover the real reason your true self is resisting. You will probably be very surprised when you discover what is really blocking you.

See Yourself As You Really Are

The liberating solution to writer's block is to see yourself as you really are. These four questions will get to the root of whatever is blocking you.

Best of all, these four questions don't treat you as a problem to be solved. They help you discover what is best in you. They help you discover your true self.

The Writer's Block And Your True Self: 4 Questions To Banish Writer's Block solution is laid out clearly in twelve short chapters. It includes a true story about a student who solved his writer's block with these four questions in a matter of minutes.

  • Writer's Block
  • A Student Who Couldn't Write
  • Asking The Questions
  • The True Self Solution
  • The Real Cause Of Writer's Block
  • The Power Of Should
  • Authors and Authority
  • Freedom From The Red Pen
  • Free From Fear Of Getting It Wrong
  • The Bold Claim
  • Overcoming Your False Guide
  • The Transformative Power Of The Questions
  • The One-Word Change That Makes The Difference
Writer's Block And Your True Self: 4 Questions To Banish Writer's Block is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle ebook versions.
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Kalinda Rose Stevenson, Ph.D.

P.S. If you really do want to write, but are experiencing "writers block," find the true self solution that will make writing a pleasure rather than a pain.

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