On Writing Words: A Writer's Essential Relations With Words

On Writing Well and Your Word Choices

Do you want to know the secret of writing well? It's a secret hidden in plain sight. Great writers know that great writing depends on choosing the right words

On Writing Words: A Writer's Essential Relations with Words is not about writing technique. It is about the relationship between you as a writer and the words you use.

Choosing the Right Words

Why does choosing the right words matter so much? Writing is nothing more than choosing words and arranging them into a readable form. Your writing can't be any better than your word choices. Great writing happens when you choose the right words What are the right words?

The right words communicate in a compelling way what you mean to say to your readers so that your readers understand what you mean. When you can do this, you are writing well

Choosing the right words sounds simple enough But choosing the right words is not always easy

Do you ever feel frustrated that you can't find exactly the right word to say exactly what you mean?

Do you feel upset when readers misunderstand what you are intend to say?

Do you feel that you need to expand your vocabulary to impress readers with your knowledge of impressive words?

Do you read the words of great writers and feel jealous that you can't write as well? Do you wonder what they know that you don't know?

On Writing Well and Your Relations with Words

Your ability to choose the right words depends on quality of your relations with the words you use. The better you know your words and the better care you take of them, the better writer you will become

This is why On Writing Words: A Writer's Essential Relations with Words is about your relations with words

Topics in On Writing Words

Topics include:

  • Learning to Write
  • Making Language Visible
  • Relations with Words
  • Relations or Relationship?
  • Word by Word
  • Using Words
  • Words as Teachers
  • Words Separate
  • The Right Words
  • Making Words Invisible
  • Private Words and Public Words
  • What Your Words Can Do for You

When you pay close attention to your relations with words, words become more than tools. Words are the medium, the tools, and the product of your writing. Words can also be your teachers if you allow them to teach you. When you write, everything you do is about you and your relationship with language, one word at a time

Find out how to expand your relations with words now.

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