Stress and Waistline

Does Stress Put Extra Inches Around Your Waist?

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson

How Many Ways Does Stress Affect Your Health?

What are the effects of stress on your body? Stress and stressors do more than affect your mind. They have profound impact on your health and affect many of your basic body functions.

Are you someone who can’t take off the extra inches around your waist, no matter what you eat? How about indigestion? Do you regularly have an upset stomach? What about heartburn?

How about your high cholesterol and your high blood pressure? Are your numbers high no matter what you eat?

Are you working out regularly at the gym but can’t seem to build muscle? Do you think that the problem is your diet or your calories? What if the real problem is stress?

Watch the video to see a few ways that stress affects the health of your body.

[Original Post November 24, 2015]

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