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Perspectives on Writing and Writers

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Perspectives on Writing & Writers focuses on the relationship between writing and writer. Writing is not just for professional writers who intend to publish their writing. The act of writing is the astonishing human ability to capture language and write it down.
Sol Stein Rejected Novels

Sol Stein Reveals Why Novels Are Rejected

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Sol Stein reveals why novels are rejected because of the essential difference between fiction and nonfiction...
Indiana Jones

What Movie Actors Can Show You about Writing Better Books

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, you can write better books if you grasp the essential skill of movie actors...
Steve Jobs

What Steve Jobs Claimed about Focus and Simplicity

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
What Steve Jobs claimed about focus and simplicity is profoundly relevant for book writing…
Freedom of a Writer

Ursula Le Guin Describes the Freedom of a Writer

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Ursula LeGuin describes a writer's freedom to think and write what no one else can think and write...
Writer's Intentions

Sol Stein’s Claim about a Writer’s Intentions

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Sol Stein makes this statement about why many writers have inappropriate intentions for writing...

How William Stafford Defines the Essential Characteristics of a Writer

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Why does William Stafford define the essential characteristics of writers as relations with language...
Oranges and Lemons

What Ray Bradbury Claimed about Writing with Zest

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
What Ray Bradbury claimed about writing with zest...
lighthouse sunset

Hal Zina Bennett Identifies the Source of Writing Success

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
How is the writer's connection with the reader the source writing success...
Storyteller and Children

James Bonnet on How to Change Your Destiny

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
James Bonnet identifies how you can change your destiny with stories...
Follow the Story

James B. Stewart Defines Writers’ Curiosity Thinking

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Why does James B. Stewart focus on writers' curiosity thinking...