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Hal Zina Bennett Identifies the Source of Writing Success

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson

Life Experiences

Those who have been most successful in writing are
people who recognized the gifts of their life experiences
and discovered how to shape that material into artifacts
that could making last impacts on their readers.
There is, after all, nothing that we can ever hope
to know better than our own life experiences.
Hal Zina Bennett
Hal Zina Bennett Success in Writing

Write from the Heart

Why do the gifts of life experiences create successful writers? Hal Zina Bennett’s claims about the value of “writing from heart” is the core of his own writing practice. (I was fortunate enough to attend some of his workshops several years ago.)

Stories aren't limited to fictional stories. Stories are relevant to the lives of real people.  Life stories are relevant to readers as they live their own lives. Real life stories create meaningful connections between the lives of writers and their  readers. Real stories are relevant stories.

According to Bennett, successful writers use their own life experiences to write about reality and honest story-telling that is relevant to the life experiences of readers. Writers can have life-changing impact on readers when the readers recognize that the writer’s stories are real stories that can become transformative stories.

From Third to First Person

Bennett tells stories about events in his life that changed his life. Writing from the heart moves the writer from the distance of being a third-party source of information to become a first-person teller of authentic life stories. 

We all have stories—real life stories about what we have experienced in our lives. Many of the most meaningful stories are rooted in life-changing experiences that were devastating or painful. Such stories become foundational  stories for how people live their lives.

According to Bennett, writing in the first person for the benefit of your reader is the key ingredient of successful writing. Review

[ Original Post August 8, 2014]
What are your thoughts about learning to write from the heart? Please leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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