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Here are some other books by Kalinda Rose Stevenson that may interest you.

Stress Relief That Works

Stress Relief that Works: How to Think Your Way from Stressed-Out to Peaceful  can show you how to free yourself from a painful past, live in a fast-paced world of constant change, and create a peaceful life. You can change your life from stressed-out to peaceful by how and what you think about stress and stressors. Find out more at Stress Relief That Works.

Does the Bible Really Say That? Series

Does the Bible Really Say That? Series focuses on the impact of Bible translations on what people believe "the Bible says" on any topic. Whatever your own religious beliefs, we live in a culture shaped by claims about "what the Bible says." Both believers and non-believers alike use the language of "the Bible says" to make their claims.

The problem is…what the Bible says in its original language is not always what translations claim that "the Bible says." Even if you don't believe anything about the Bible, it's important to understand how mistranslated, misunderstood Bible verses affect your life directly or indirectly.

Find out more about the Does the Bible Really Say That? Series visit Does The Bible Say That Series.

Gospel of Wealth or Poverty?

Your True Self Identity

Gospel of Wealth or Poverty?: How Do Bible Verses about Jesus, Wealth, Poverty, and Heaven Affect Your Income? connects your financial status and your biblical beliefs. Wealth and poverty are significant themes in the Bible. If you focus on isolated Bible verses, you can claim that God wants you to be poor. You can also claim that God wants you to be rich. But neither argument can be justified if you go beyond the verses and read whole stories set in their original social, economic, political, and religious contexts. Find out more at Gospel of Wealth or Poverty.

Your True Self Identity: How Familiar Translations of Bible Verses in the Gospel of Matthew Hide Your True Identity From You focuses on misleading translations in Matthew 18. Even if you don't believe in the bible, biblical beliefs about what it means to be human are deeply rooted in our culture, affecting both believers and non-believers.

The purpose of Your True Self Identity is to show you that much of what the Christian church claims to be true about your identity is based on theological doctrines derived from from religions in the Greco-Roman world rather than anything that the Bible actually says. Careful analysis of familiar translations choices in the English language bibles demonstrates how sin doctrine creates false identities by turning innocent people into sinners. Find out more at Your True Self Identity.

Writing Books

Book Writing Made Simple 3-in-1

On Writing Words

Book Writing Made Simple 3-in-1: How to Write a Book the Simple Way is for people who are confused about how to write and publish their own books.

The essential word is simple.  Simple is not the same as easy.  Rather, simple has a specific meaning that can turn dreams of writing a book into a published book.

Find out more about other writing books at Book Writing Made Simple 3-in-1.

On Writing Words: A Writer's Essential Relations with Words is about the essential writing skill that turns good writing into great writing.  It's a secret hidden in plain sight.  Great writing depends on choosing the right words. Find out more at On Writing Words.