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Rich Man and Heaven

What Did Jesus Really Say about a Rich Man and Heaven?

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
How is the Bible verse about a rich man and heaven one of the most misunderstood Bible money verses of Jesus...
Sunday School Poor Widow Story

How Sunday School Got Wrong the Story of the Poor Widow

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Although Christian education often uses the story of poor widow as a model of sacrificial Christian giving, it's really a story about abuse of power...
Beatitudes and Poverty

Do The Beatitudes Really Teach That Christian Believers Must Be Poor?

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Why does Christian money teaching about poverty in the “Beatitudes” miss the truly radical meaning of these words of Jesus...
Christian Money Beliefs in Context

Putting Christian Beliefs about Money in Context

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
How do Christian money beliefs that ignore the biblical context of bible verses about money affect believers...

What Is the Best Bible Translation?

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
If you want to know the most accurate meaning of any part of the Bible, how can you know what is the best bible translation to read...
Bible Assumptions

Perspectives on Bible Assumptions

by Kalinda Rose Stevenson
Perspectives on Bible Assumptions focuses on the effect of Bible translations on beliefs about "what the Bible says." Translations can create perspectives that differ from the perspectives of original languages.